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About us




speak had a rather unconventional lightbulb moment for a skincare brand. While the love of skincare was already humming in the background, the passion was slowly brewing for years and was almost ready to delightfully consume the founders, Nisa and Tiara, who are cousins.

The need for skincare suitable for sensitive skin began out of necessity 3 years ago. Eczema terrorised Nisa, so she began reading labels, investigating ingredients and sought to reduce the amount of products that could aggravate her condition. Still unsatisfied, she started making her own facial cleanser in powder form and shared it with friends and relatives, including business-minded Tiara. The tinder to speak’s flame was, unusually, a passing of a dear relative.

A grievous moment brought the founders together, which led to a conversation that sparked an idea and morphed into an obsession and finally, oh finally, the creation of speak in December 2017.


The founders

Nisa began her love affair with handmade skincare over three years ago, after facing difficulty looking for an effective, steroid-free lotion for eczema. She saw there was a lot of ambiguity in the natural skincare market and sought to educate herself. She has now turned a corner of her house into a mini test lab.


Tiara’s journey into skincare was not by chance. She was on a long quest to find the perfect skincare product to suit her ever-changing, hormonal skin. Looking for something suitable yet safe was tedious until she tried one of Nisa’s concoctions. She knew she had found a gem and that it had to be shared with the world.