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Breast Health Awareness By Dr Tengku Atiqah

Meet Dr Tengku Atiqah

Founder, BondaHaven

Having lost 3 close family members to lung cancer, I am acutely aware of the impact the C word can have to a patient and the people around them.

When my mother got diagnosed early with Breast Cancer, as a medical doctor I gave my all to save her, and not lose my life's beacon of light too soon. With modern medicine and God's saving grace, my mother survived her plight.

"It's My Passion To Help Young Women Realize The Importance Of Breast Health & Raising Awareness For The Importance Of Early Detection Of Breast Anomalies"

Join Dr Tengku Atiqah For A Chat On Breast Health Awareness

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What is a breast health awareness talk all about?

Whether you're young or old, it's never too late to be familiar with your body. Being aware of what is normal for you would make it easier to detect any changes.

This is a talk on how to do a self-breast examination, understanding what is normal for your breast on palpation by hand, and when to start getting regular mammograms.

This is a general sharing session and is suitable for women (and men!) of all ages and background.

What are the benefits of this talk?

1. Learn what are healthy breasts and signs of abnormalities to look out for.
2. Learn how to do a simple breast check at home.

What can I expect from a breast health awareness talk?

From the session you will learn how to do a self check on your breasts and features of abnormal breasts that you can look out for.