Face massage by Nisa Zulkifli – The Speak Collective

Relaxing Face Massage Tutorial By Nisa Zulkifli

Nisa Zulkifli

Founder, The Speak Collective

I've always had a tumultuous relationship with my skin because of eczema.

After many years of battling it, I've learnt to embrace it as a red flag for how to tell when my body has had enough.

Enough stress. Enough junk food. Enough late nights. Enough inflammation.

Learning to pause, relax, and listen to the body were key to restoring my health.

A face massage can create mindfulness of the body through touch. By being aware of what the body really needs, we can get closer to healing.

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What is a relaxing face massage?

A relaxing face massage will use gentle, long strokes to loosen any tension on the face and neck.

Light pressure can be applied to help the muscles relax.

What are the benefits of a face massage?

A face massage helps to relieve any stress and promote relaxation. It will also promote healthy circulation as blood flow is improved.

With regular practice, face massages can minimize fine lines by releasing tension due to repetitive muscle movement.

What can I expect during a face massage session?

We will learn how to do a relaxing self-face massage. These techniques can be easily done on a loved one too!

We will start with an introduction to some of the basic muscles on the face and their functions.

Then you be will on how to gently release any blockages or tension of the muscles.

We will also use this time to learn how to treat ourselves with more kindness.