rebrand love letter – The Speak Collective

A love letter

Hi speakettes!

It's been over 2 years since we've launched and oh boy, what a ride it's been. 

We're saying farewell to Speak Skin Beauty and embracing our new look as The Speak Collective. 

The Speak Collective’s mission is to create skin essentials for better skin health to help unleash your inner confidence.

Change is good.

As an evolving brand, listening to our community is crucial. Our original brand iteration was great but we realised that there are still so many women that struggle with their inner confidence and skin health plays a big part of that. So this time we have a renewed focus on products that elevate skin health to bring out your confidence.

Though some things will always remain.

The challenge for sensitive skin folks like us was always to find a gentle product that simply worked. That spirit behind the formulations remains unchanged, and so are the original formulations of our existing products (yay!). We’re also excited to release a new line-up of products that continues to showcase our belief in botanical goodness.

And some things are always unshaken - our core values and commitment to the environment are unchanged.  

We look forward to having you join us on this new chapter.