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The Sound Bath Experience By Diana Sefo

Diana Sefo Sound Healer

Meet Diana Sefo

Sound Healer, Harmonize Sound Healing

This has been such an amazing journey, which started 6 years ago. Growing up, I always knew that I had a greater purpose and calling in life which was serving others.

Through my own darkness, pain, and sickness, I was able to discover many things. How powerful our minds can be through the benefits of meditation and sound healing.

It has helped me heal and grow in so many ways.

I decided to dedicate my time to learn and manifest in this practice, so I could help guide my soul brothers and sisters.

"A sound bath is like a deep tissue massage for your mind, body and spirit"

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What is a sound bath?

Sound bath uses instruments to promote healing through sound. The basic principle of sound healing is the concept of resonance (the vibratory frequency of an object).

The entire Universe is in a state of vibration. This includes human beings.

Sound has been utilized in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing. To move us from a place of imbalance to a place of balance.

What are the benefits of sound healing?

Sound healing provokes states of deep relaxation where the healing of emotional pain and scars becomes much easier. Releasing fear and grief, loneliness and depression, cleansing unwanted emotions and finding solutions to emotional issues with others, are all achieved with sound healing.

In addition to relief from chronic pain and migraines, it improves sleep, reduces stress and anxiety , as well as a renewed sense of well-being, calm and happiness.

What can I expect during a sound healing session?

We will start with a chant which helps dissolve any boundaries and limitation.

Then a breathing exercise that calms and centers the mind. Bringing the mind into the present moment and out of the past.

And we're going to move our awareness into the heart center and connect to our heart. The heart center is the center of wholeness, a place that exists beyond polarities. It is the center from which you create, the seat of the soul. When your heart speaks directly to you instead of receiving information from anything outside of you - it will reveal information that is relevant to your journey in life.

Then you will lie down on the floor or a yoga mat, perhaps cuddle up with a cozy blanket, and simply listen up as I will play a variety of instruments and you “bathe” in the soothing sounds and vibrations.