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5 Tips To Help Your Skin Stay Healthy And Glowing This Fall

By Marj O.
October 02, 2019

Pumpkin-spice season is officially here and it’s time to say farewell to long, balmy evenings and summer dresses.

Just as you change your outfit for the appropriate temperature, adjusting your skincare routine is another important ritual to keep in mind. As temperatures cool and humidity levels change, caring for your skin can feel like a constant battle during the colder months with it more likely to dry out, crack, and flake. Want to make it a bit less stressful?

Here’s 5 tips that'll help your skin transition into the new season.

Tip #1: Take A Break And Cleanse

If you truly want to enjoy the cooler seasons from fall to winter without having to compromise your skin health, start with this. Your face needs a calming break so minimize the products you slather on a daily basis and focus on using quality ingredients. And every night before going to bed, it's all about cleansing: removing dirt and toxins from nooks and crannies of your skin.

These months, it's ideal to use creamy or oil-based cleansers so it won’t compromise your skin’s protective barrier. Don’t be afraid to try the double cleansing technique too by using an oil cleanser, followed by a water-based one. This merges the softening and hydrating properties of an oil with the purifying power of a water cleanser without causing dryness. In addition, use a mask that suits your needs once or twice a week. All of these will give your skin the freedom to recharge on its own.

Tip #2: Hydrate And Moisturize

Falling in temperature and changing of humidity causes the skin to crack and flake. This means your skin will probably be very dry and thirsty so use a more hydrating moisturizer for day and night. The best time to put it on? Right after washing your face. Your pores are still open during this period so the product will easily be absorbed by your skin. Add a drop of facial oil to your regular moisturizer to boost skin-softening properties.

As for your body, It is also all about short baths and showers. Avoid taking long hot ones as it can significantly dry out the skin. Shortly after, you’ll want to wrap up with moisture by treating your skin with body butter products made with nourishing, plant-rich ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter for all-over hydration.

Tip #3: Exfoliate

During colder weather, your skin is drier so your skin appears duller as it becomes more dehydrated. Add an exfoliating cleanser or super gentle scrub to encourage cell turnover, keep skin radiant and help follow-on products absorb better. Take it easy with the exfoliator you choose and avoid any abrasive ingredients. You’ll notice smoother, clearer skin right after. 

Tip #4: Rollers And Humidifiers

Add a facial massager in your skincare routine. Take advantage of the cold weather and use a rose quartz roller—it’s best used when it’s cold. Known to help drain retained lymphatic fluids, the facial roller can help decrease your skin’s puffiness. Your skin can be more sensitive because it works overtime to fight off the dryness of the air (central heating, yuck!) so help soothe and calm it with a relaxing facial massage.

Additionally, you can help these colder season become a little less drying by using a humidifier at home. This helps moisturize the air circulating around you. Not only will your skin thank you, but your nose and throat will also be a lot happier too! A humidifier in the bedroom helps further protect the skin from getting too dry while you sleep, especially with the indoor heat. Add some calming essential oils like lavender to your humidifier and with this ritual, bedtime never felt so good.

Tip #5: Protect Your Lips

Don’t forget: Your lips need hydration, too. You wouldn’t want this cuddle weather to be put to waste with cracked lips. Take good care of your smackers and shield them from the dropping temperatures. Slather on your favorite lip balm to keep your lips plump and pink.

Overall, please listen to your skin and avoid underdoing or overdoing. This transition weather can be tricky for your skin, but indulging in some self-care will keep you glowing all the way through winter.