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5 Reasons Why It's Hard To Stick To New Year Resolutions

By Team Speak
January 19, 2022

Ahh, the new year resolutions. A list of well-intentioned goals to set up the year for success. 

It's only January, but are you already having a tough time sticking to them? 

There are many causes of #ResolutionFails. We'll look at a few common pitfalls and how to avoid them so you can make this a great year.

Why It's Hard To Stick To New Year Resolutions

#1: Setting unrealistic goals

If your goals are too ambitious or difficult to achieve, then you're more likely to give up on them.

Fix It: When you set goals, be realistic and ensure they are achievable. You need goals that push you, but don't overwhelm you or cause too much stress and anxiety!

Set yourself some smaller milestones so if your main goal takes longer than expected or there's a bump in the road you'll still be able to celebrate small successes. This will keep up your motivation as well as feeling good about what you've already achieved.

#2: Failing to plan how you'll achieve your goals

If you're not specific about how you'll achieve your goals then it's very easy to become sidetracked and lose focus.

Fix It: Just like any task, planning will make it much easier to stick with your resolutions. If you know exactly what steps you need to take and how long each one is going to take, then you'll be able to set yourself up for success.

#3: Not having accountability

If you're the only one who knows about your resolutions then it's very easy to slack off and not follow through.

Fix It: Sometimes the only thing that can keep us on track is some good old-fashioned peer pressure! Try telling a few friends or family members about your resolutions so that you're accountable to them. They might even be able to give you some helpful tips and motivation on how to achieve what you want.

#4: You're expecting big results today

Changing habits can take time to implement. For example, a goal of a healthy lifestyle involves changing the diet, sleep habits, work patterns, stress triggers, and so on. Don't try to do change everything at once, expecting a completely transformed you in a week.

Fix It: If you want to make a change that can last throughout the years to come, it's important not to rush. Allow for time and practice. Instead of expecting everything to change overnight, give yourself time to work on your resolutions and make gradual progress.

#5: Lack of community

When it comes to resolutions, we're often very much in it alone. And when no one is rooting for us and it's getting hard to keep motivated, it's easy to give up.

Fix It: Surrounding yourself with people who share the same goals and aspirations can be really helpful in sticking to it when the going gets tough. Join a support group or buddy up with someone who shares your goals. Don't be afraid to ask for help if needed either - whether that's from friends, family, or professionals in the field of assistance.

Most Importantly - Be Flexible And Don't Stress It Out

Don't stress too much if your resolutions don't go perfectly according to plan, just try again next time! Be flexible or create a backup plan if things don't work out as planned.

Sometimes life happens, so make sure that you're okay with not sticking to the exact timeline of what you had in mind for achieving each goal. Your mindset and intention for achieving the goal is more important than crossing it off a list.

Use this year as an opportunity to learn what works best for you and how to set yourself up for success next time.

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