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Are Beauty Fridges Worth The Hype?

By Glaidale H.  
September 16, 2020

I’ve been following a lot of beauty gurus and influencers on social media and lately, I can’t help but notice that they’ve been posting a lot about these beauty fridges.

This fridge for beauty products comes in different colors and styles! You know, so you can perfectly match it with your other beauty essentials and accessories and have a little Instagrammable spot in the corner.

I must admit, seeing those fancy, little beauty fridges made me a bit— okay, maybe not a bit— totally envious. So, I did my own research to see if getting a beauty fridge is actually worth it and this is what I came up with.

What is a beauty fridge?

A beauty fridge is like a personal fridge that you usually see in hotels or Airbnb, only it’s a bit smaller, definitely a lot cuter, totally Instagrammable, and specifically made for your beauty essentials.

Now, your beauty products may not be as fragile as fresh milk, but does that mean you need one?

According to dermatologist, Dr. Aanand Geria of Geria Dermatology based in New Jersey, “Other than a few minor benefits, there is little to no scientific reason behind refrigerating skincare products.”

These benefits are mainly from the calming and soothing effects that chilled products have in helping to alleviate irritation and inflammation on the skin.

Benefits of a fridge for beauty products

To help you decide on whether or not you want to invest in a beauty fridge, let us look at some of the benefits of having one.

1. A beauty fridge may keep your products fresh and long-lasting

Well-formulated beauty products undergo stability testing to ensure they’re able to withstand a wide range of temperatures. So while a product is unlikely to go bad any faster at normal room temperature, a beauty fridge to keep products chilled isn’t such a bad idea. Keeping your active-filled products like vitamin C serums cool may delay oxidization, so you can use it up to the very last drop.

2. Works like magic for depuffing, reducing redness, and calming itchiness

Applying chilled eye and face product or cold compress, in general, can help reduce any form of puffiness or redness as the cold temperature shrinks the blood vessels and the pressure from beauty tools around the eye area drains away excess fluid. Applying cool products can also temporarily provide much needed relief for itchy skin.

Rose quartz roller

3. Keeps everything organized and fun

Here’s the fun part. Nothing makes your life a lot easier than keeping your stuff organized and having a fridge for your beauty products is one way to make it happen. Pretty convenient, don’t you think?

Plus, owning it is a total mood for yourself.

Which products should you keep in your beauty fridge?

Beauty fridges are compact, so you can be selective about what goes in there.

Think about what products you’d like to enjoy with a cooling effect. Moisturizers and mist sprays can be satisfyingly refreshing and feels heavenly on the skin when applied cold. Serum with actives like vitamin C, retinol and probiotics may also degrade more slowly in lower temperatures. Keep face sheets and rose quartz rollers in there too, as the cooling effect helps reduce puffiness. Prescription medications that require refrigeration should also go in there.

Not everything needs, or even should go in your beauty fridge.

Natural balms that don’t contain any synthetic stabilizers rely on natural thickeners like plant-based waxes. The cooler temperature will affect the texture and cause these products to harden. Certain plant oils like coconut oil solidify at temperatures below 77 ०F (24 ०C), resulting in a stiffer cream.

In conclusion, is a fridge for beauty products worth having? It’s certainly not a necessity and isn’t going to make or break your skincare routine. But it sure is pretty darn cute to look at.

Need help choosing a beauty fridge?

Visit The Playground for a handy checklist to decide if you need one and discover the 4 things to consider before choosing a beauty fridge.

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